Current Series: Ephesians: Who Are You?


August 19th, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week One: You Are So Blessed: Ephesians 1:3-14: Who are you? Who you are, what your true identity is, will impact what you do. This is a primary question of life and Paul wants to get at it in Ephesians. If you ask the question of who you are from Ephesians 1:3-14 you have to say, "I am so blessed." Join us for this encouraging message and discover who you are.

August 26th, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Two: Informed By The Holy Spirit: We don't often speak much about what the Holy Spirit does these days. But in Paul's prayer for the Ephesians he prays that they will come to know three great realities the Holy Spirit brings--wisdom, revelation and power. Join us as we look at the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

September 2nd, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Three: Made Alive: When we consider all that God has done for us in Christ perhaps the greatest feat is that we who once were dead in our sins and transgressions have been made alive in Christ Jesus. Join us as we think about the amazing gift of our spiritual resurrection.

September 23, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Five: The Mystery of Grace: As we grow older our lives become less and less mysterious. But there is one mystery that never fades or diminishes. It is this: God loves you. Join us as we bask in the mystery of God's love for you.

September 30, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Six: All In the Family: What God does for us He does through the Church, our family.

October 7, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Seven: Healthy & Growing: What God wants for us is to be healthy and growing. Are you? Check out these markers of maturity and see.

October 14, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Eight: Put Off..Put On…: If we are honest with ourselves we all know there are areas we need to change in order that our beliefs and our lives may match up. For most Christians it isn't whether we need to change that is the question but how can we change. Join us for the answer.

October 21, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Nine: Making the Most: Life is short. And often times we can become distracted by the things that don't really matter in life. Paul is concerned that we make the most of the opportunities we have been given. Join us and let's redeem the time.

November 11, 2018: Ephesians: Who Are You? Week Twelve: Stand Firm: There is more that is going on in the world today than what we can see and touch. There is a spirit realm and a war that is being waged. Join us as we look at the fact that we have an enemy, heavenly armor and a battle plan.

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