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8010 West 62nd Avenue


Arvada Christian Church's website is a place to connect to the people and ministries of ACC--where we're becoming more like Jesus. ACC believes you matter. You matter to God and to us.


How Sweet The Sound

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"How Sweet The Sound:" Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! God's grace chances everything including us. God's grace invites us, saves us, changes us and frees us. Have you experienced God's transforming grace? Join us as we discover how sweet the sound of God's amazing grace!

Week One: September 3rd: Grace That Saves: Amazing sweet the sound! Join us as we look at the different facets of grace. Recapture the wonder for God's amazing grace and learn how to be a person of grace.

Week Two: September 10th: Grace That Gives: We who have placed their faith in Jesus have received forgiveness of a debt we could never pay back. We who have received great grace need to give grace to others in return. It isn't always that easy to do. Join us as we discover the importance of being people of grace.

Week Three: September 17th: Grace That Frees: Grace has many facets. This week we look at the grace that frees us. Jesus said that he can set us free. Because of his death on the cross for our sins we can be free from our sins. Join us as we discover how grace frees us from our sin.