BELIEVE: Part Three: Virtues: Who Am I Becoming?

We looked at ten key beliefs that change who we are. They express themselves through ten key actions. Now we turn inward to look at the result of living these beliefs--ten key virtues. These virtues are who we are becoming. Virtues are more than what we believe, or what we do, but who we are. These virtues encapsulate who Jesus is, and therefore, who we are becoming.

September 24th, 2017: Week Twenty-One: Love: We all want love. We all need love. But the love we find in the world leaves us wanting something...more. Only God can fill our need to be loved because only God loves us with an otherworldly love. So different is God's love that a new word had to be invented to express it--agape. Discover the love that God has for you and find the love you've always needed.

October 1st, 2017: Week Twenty-Two: Joy: Are you happy? Are you joyful? If not, what are you doing wrong? God is the most joyful being ever. He desires for you to be joyful. He commands it. Your life will work better when you are happy. That happiness will follow a life rightly lived—a life spent pursuing God and a life guided by right thinking and thankfulness. Join us as we discover the joy of the Lord is our strength.

October 8th, 2017: Week Twenty-Three: Peace: Peace is in short supply in this world and it seems to be getting worse. But our God is a God of peace. He is the source of peace. And Jesus is the giver of peace. He gives us his peace and calls us to be the makers of peace. As peacemakers we have to guard our own inner peace by aligning our hearts and minds with God's. Join us this week as we discover God's peace for us.

October 15th, 2017: Week Twenty-Four: Self Control: Self control is often thought of as will power. But it is not. In fact self control can only come through Christ. A better way of looking at the fruit of self control is as God control. Self control comes from God's grace. Join us as we discover the Biblical idea of self control. 

October 22nd, 2017: Week Twenty-Five: Hope: The certainty of life is that there will be chaos. But God is the God over chaos; the God over the sea. Discover three truths about hope from discovering the God who brings order out of chaos and beauty from ashes. In a world of chaos put your hope in God.

October 29th, 2017: Week Twenty-Six: Patience: What is patience and how can we grow in it?

November 5th, 2017: Week Twenty-Seven: Kindness: It has the possibility of changing the world. It is on the front line against the evil we see in the world. It is kindness. Do you have it? God has been incredibly kind to us and asks us to pass it on. Join us as we discover the power of kindness.

November 12th, 2017: Week Twenty-Eight: Faithfulness: What does it mean to be faithful and why is faithfulness a virtue we are to develop as followers of Christ? Join us as we answer these questions.

BELIEVE: Week 29: Gentleness: What is gentleness and how, if we develop gentleness, could we be more like Jesus? What areas in our lives are most important for us to be gentle in? Let's dig into Biblical gentleness and become more like Jesus.

BELIEVE: Week 30: Humility: It is not easy being humble in a self obsessed society. One of the easiest traps to fall in is pride. The cure to pride and self-centeredness is humility. Join us as we confront our pride and seek to be like Jesus, our humble King.