Part two: Practices

BELIEVE: Week 11: Worship: What is worship? Depending on your background worship can mean many different things. To discover the true meaning of worship we look at a vision Isaiah had of the throne room of God and discover that worship is something more than we thought.

BELIEVE: Week 12: Prayer: If we're honest then we would admit that prayer may be simple but incredibly difficult. Maybe that is why the one thing that Jesus' disciples asked him to do was to teach them to pray. We too can learn much from the model prayer Jesus gave his disciples. Join us as we ask Jesus, "Teach us to pray."

BELIEVE: Week 13: Bible Study: Bible study can be one of the most intimidating disciplines a Christian can commit to. But the practice itself is an ancient one that predates Christianity. What can we glean from the ancients when it comes to Bible study? Join us as we look to deepen our study of God's word, the Bible.

BELIEVE: Week 14: Single Mindedness: Again and again the Bible calls us to single-mindedness in our pursuit of God. One of the symptoms that we lack the single-mindedness that God desires is that we worry. Join us as we untangle the importance of single-mindedness and how it can free us from worry.

BELIEVE: Week 15: Total Surrender: It can be difficult to surrender. Giving up is not something we applaud. But when it comes to God, nothing can be more sensible than to surrender. When the Apostle Paul talks about surrender he calls it crawling onto the alter of God as a living sacrifice. Join us as we dive into what it means to fully surrender to God.

BELIEVE: Week 16: Biblical Community: What makes for a good Christian community? Often times we may point to what a community does. "They have great worship, or programs, or preaching, or..." But in a truly great Christian community the "why" question can be far more important than the "what." For the ancient New Testament church why they did what they did led to what they did. Join us as we ask for ourselves "why?"

BELIEVE: Week 17: Spiritual Gifts: When we talk about Spiritual Gifts we are entering a conversation that has had some controversy in Christian history. If we boil the controversy down we discover that the real contention lies in what the Holy Spirit does. Join us this week as we look at the Holy Spirit to demystify the third personality of the Trinity and begin to understand what the Holy Spirit does for us.